Jacek Pałucha

Exemplary art works:

Pałucha Jacek, Fahrt Zur Hochzeit
oil, canvas, 47 x 65 cm

About artist:

Jacek Pałucha was born in 1966 in Częstochowa.
He graduated form Professor Szamborski's atelier at the Department of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1993. He set up several bands, such sa: "Dead Steaks Formation", "Furmanka", "The Super Stick and the Space Invaders", at the same time he was the leader of the groups and wrote music and lirycs. Pałucha also designed the covers of his records as well as the covers of some other bands' LPs and Cds, among them were Kult 'Spokojnie', Graal, Les VRP 'Vacances Prolongees'. He illustrated Grażyna Trela's book called: 'Good Man is a Dead Man' and played the main role in Łukasz Wylężałek's movie called 'Balanga'.

Individual exhibitions:
3xA Gallery, Warsaw
Pment Cafe, Paris
Citadelle, Calvi, Corsic
Kameleon Gallery, Częstochowa
Espace Tristan Bernard, Paris
MJC, Manosque, France
Baumann Gallery, Warsaw
Z.A.R. Gallery, Cracow
Werkstatt 151 Gallery, Leer, Germany
Espace Degree, Luxemburg
Galeria Kersten, Cracow

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